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Intelligent Office provides clients with business offices with the right amenities of a high-class office to enable them to conduct their businesses. Business meetings occasionally discuss various business processes and aspects with the sole aim of improving the processes. Working from home makes it hard for physical meetings, where the intelligent Office comes in to ensure that their clients get ample space to conduct their business. The physical meetings become necessary to enable the business associates to meet and understand who they are dealing with in their transactions.

In the virtual office space in Boston, MA, clients’ interests get well looked into to understand the right meeting office that best suits their needs. The proper understanding of the client’s needs prevents the virtual office professionals from offering them a small room that fails to contain everyone or a large room that offers them unnecessary space they do not require. Also, the initial stages of understanding the client’s needs enable them to budget accordingly and take the Office within their budget, making them achieve their objective without any financial strains or challenges. The various meeting rooms available to the clients include the following:

Hourly Office 7

The available virtual office space in Boston, MA,amenities for the Office include complimentary WIFI, telephone conference capabilities, landline, and free local and domestic long-distance calls. Additionally, the meeting room is furnished with modern equipment and sunlit windows that give the room an expensive look and feel. The Office has access to the IO kitchen, coffee, tea, and filtered water; hence very conducive for meetings that will have the beverages served. Also, when the client requests, notary, catering, and witness services are offered for the hourly Office seven which costs $35 per hour. The hourly office 7 is an executive meeting room that has executive chairs and tables with two guest chairs.

Large conference room

The large conference room is suitable for meetings involving many people and costs $75 per hour. The virtual office space in Boston, MA, meeting room can accommodate sixteen guests and has professional presentation-ready meeting space. The room amenities include a 55″ HDTV flat-screen monitor, conference-ready phones, and WiFi. Additionally, the room has dry-erase boards, which makes it beneficial for meetings that involve presentations to understand what is under discussion. There is access to a copier center and well-trained administrative support staff that offer the necessary support throughout the meeting. Also, the room is close to the IO kitchen, with guests getting served coffee, tea, and filtered water, depending on their preferences.

Medium conference room 1

The virtual office space in Boston, MA, like the large conference room, is equipped with a 55″ HDTV flat-screen monitor and a complimentary dry-erase board. The room has Polycomf wireless conference phones, among other beneficial amenities, that ensure the clients have a productive meeting. The meeting rooms get well maintained and cleaned; hence clients get assured of gathering in a sanitary, safe space without any worries. Also, there are medium rooms two and three, all to the client’s benefit to handle the numerous meeting room requests that arise. The third room option is the medium conference room which can accommodate eight guests and costs $45 per hour.

Hourly Office 9

Hourly office 9 is a meeting room with no capacity to hold many people. The virtual office space in Boston, MA, meeting room is furnished expensively with sunlit windows. The Office has executive chairs and desks with two guest chairs and is well-defined for meetings involving about three persons. The rooms have multiple amenities, ensuring that the client executes their business efficiently without any challenges or delays since the room occupancy gets charged at an hourly rate. The virtual office experts provide their clients with this room if, according to the client’s interests, the room offers them the required satisfaction in their businesses.


Meeting rooms assist business partners and colleagues in meeting and discussing aspects of the business that can’t get handled through mail or phone calls. Virtual office professionals provide numerous meeting rooms at the disposal of their clients, who can book in advance to reserve the space. The rooms are fitted with various amenities that aid the clients in their meetings to get the required result.

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