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Rise In Algorithmic Trading


Algorithmic trading, or algo trading, is a unique trading strategy that uses computer algorithms. The algorithms used in algo trading are sets of instructions that produce profits at speeds and frequencies beyond what is possible for humans. Additionally, automating data analysis makes it easier for traders to make informed decisions in fast-moving markets.

Furthermore, algorithms can help traders make more accurate and efficient trades by analysing huge amounts of data in real-time. Nevertheless, there are also potential risks associated with algo trading, such as errors if programs or algorithms are not properly tested or developed. Throughout this article, we will understand algo trading in detail and how it works and most importantly, we will discuss “Is India going to see a rise in Algorithmic Trading in 2023?”

What Is Algorithmic Trading?

The term “algo trading” refers to algorithmic trading. It’s also called black-box trading or automated trading. This type of trading is unique because of its strategy. On the stock market, trades are executed with the help of computer algorithms.

Furthermore, algorithms are defined sets of instructions programmed to produce profits at a frequency and speed unimaginable to humans. Price, timing, quantity, or any other mathematically-based model determines the algorithm or set of instructions.

Aside from making investors money, algorithmic trading creates more liquidity in markets. Moreover, it’s essential for traders to use a specialised algo trading platform like the Share India algo trading platform to execute and implement strategies easily.

Is algorithmic trading on the rise in India?

In the coming years, algorithm trading will only become a more significant force in the trading world. Moreover, algo trading has been on the rise for some time in India, and it is expected to grow even more popular.

With the help of automation, traders can analyse large amounts of data quickly and accurately. Thus, making it easier for traders to make informed decisions in fast-moving markets. In addition, algorithms help traders make more accurate and efficient trades by analysing data in real-time.

Algorithmic Trading In India: Reasons For Its Popularity

There are several reasons why algorithmic trading is becoming more popular in India. Some of the significant reasons are:

The Increasing Complexity Of The Financial Markets

A major reason is that financial markets are getting more complex. Thus, it is difficult for humans to keep up with all the information and data they need to make informed decisions. In fast-moving markets, algorithms make it easier to make informed decisions by analysing vast amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Algorithms Are Increasingly Used In Trading

Financial markets are increasingly using algorithms, which is another reason why automation is becoming more popular in India. Using algorithms, traders analyse financial data and make trades based on rules or parameters. Since algorithms analyse massive amounts of data in real-time, they are faster than human traders at making decisions. This help traders make more accurate and efficient trades.

Algorithmic Trading Reduces Costs And Increases Profits

Automation lower costs and increase profits for traders. By automating certain processes, traders save time and money, which they can invest back into the business. Additionally, by providing more accurate and consistent results, algo trading can help traders reduce their risk.

The trading world can benefit from automation, but it is not without risks. There’s a big risk of errors or mistakes when algorithms or programs aren’t properly programmed or tested. For this reason, traders should carefully consider the risks and benefits of using automation in their trading strategies. This is where Share India algo trading platform can help. With the Share India algo platform, traders can build algorithmic strategies cost-effectively.

How To Start Algo Trading In India?

Here’s how you can start Algo trading as a retail investor:

Learn About The Market

Any kind of trading starts with understanding the market. Take the time to understand the market you can trade-in so that you can come up with a hypothesis to help you trade.

Start Learning How To Code

You can learn coding languages like Python and create an algorithm that works for you. Or else, get it coded by an expert if you don’t know how to code.

Back-Test Your Strategy

Test out your algorithm before going live with it. Back-test your strategy with good-quality historical data from reputable sources. You can also use third-party back-testing software to confirm that your algorithms work. If they don’t work, you can tweak your code.

Choose The Right Platform

Choosing the right broker and platform to execute your trades is as important as having the correct code. So, choose a broker that supports your algorithm and provides you with various tools to help you optimise your trading strategy.

Go Live

Once you are confident with your algorithm, go live! Monitor its market performance and how it performs in the real world. There are times when your algorithm doesn’t work as you expected. This may then require a re-do or some tweaks.

Keep Evolving

Don’t give up on Algo trading if your first strategy fails. Continue to experiment with codes to find the one that works best for you.


India is expected to witness an increase in algorithmic trading. Its ability to analyse data, make informed decisions, reduce costs, and increase profits has become popular. Yet it’s important to be aware of the risks and benefits of algo trading. In this regard, Share India offers a reliable and specialised algo trading platform for effectively implementing algorithms.

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