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Why invest in the share market?

The post-pandemic era is full of uncertainties. If you are the sole bread earner in your family, financial insecurities and volatility in the job market might be stressful. It is always a good idea to have a secondary source of earnings for everyone. Investing in the share market can be one of the easiest options to create an additional stream of income.

Gains and Risks

If you are a beginner, you might come across many doubts before investing. Before you decide to start, you must know there are risks involved in any investment you make. Some have greater risks with higher returns. In some cases, there are lesser risks, but the returns are also low. Your choice of investment depends on your risk-bearing ability. Investment in the share market doesn’t come with a guaranteed return but if you invest wisely with proper guidance, you might earn a good fortune.

10 Tips Before your start Investing

Here are a few handful tips to get started:

  1. Download a few apps that will give you updates on the financial market. ET Money and Moneycontrol are two apps that are useful for share market investment.
  2. Keep updated on the latest happenings in the market and try to gauge the factors that directly or indirectly impact the market.
  3. Try to understand the bullish or bearish trends, key sectors, and indices in the stock market.
  4. There are many financial instruments, like equities, futures and options, FOREX, and many more. Try to know more about each.
  5. You will need a bank account, a demat account and a trading account to start trading in share market.
  6. Choose a reputed stockbroker who will help you through the initial process and will guide you through the trading journey.
  7. Equities being the most popular option chosen by beginners, start with a small amount and choose the top 3 or 4 stocks from different sectors, i.e., Banking, Pharma, Auto, Real-estate, etc.
  8. Track the performance of the stocks in your portfolio daily and try to understand what makes the prices go up or come down.
  9. Trust the expert’s advice, make some profits, and gain in-depth knowledge before you go for a bigger bet.
  10. Don’t rush. It needs patience and years of experience to excel in stock market investment. Look for long-term profits instead of marginal short-term gains.

Find the Best Stock Broking Agent to protect against losses

If you find the tips useful, all you need to do is to find a trusted stock broking agent who will help you open a trading account. This account will let you trade in the market. The agent will charge you a nominal brokerage fee. There are many options to select from a list of stock broking agents and trading platforms. Do a quick research and select the best one who has the expertise and a good customer base. An advisor will be assigned to you who will help with trading by providing valuable suggestions. You can be well-covered from potential losses with his expert advice.

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