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Sometimes the natural treatments are reliable, but sometimes not proven results. The common cold and fever diseases are common conditions that occur. But at the time of covid-19, diseases like the common cold, fever, etc., are not normal. So the corona kavach family floater is the priority in fighting against the covid-19 pandemic. Along with this, there are a lot of supplements to prevent or make treatment against the covid-19. Some supplements such as vitamins, minerals, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D are prescribed by doctors or specialists.

Why the supplements like vitamins and minerals used to save from Covid-19?

It is proven by science that supplements like vitamins and minerals are effective. These supplements or antibiotics were discovered in the 1920s by a deep understanding of biology. So the doctors are recommended to take the vitamins and minerals to save yourself from the coronavirus diseases. Also, some critical illness policy is available that helps the patients financially during such diseases. To take the supplements such as vitamins or minerals, you must understand the logical reason before taking these supplements drugs. Let us tell you about the reason behind using these supplements.

Vitamin C works like an antioxidant that helps people make their healthy immune function.

The supplements, named zinc, improved the immune functioning of human beings and reduced the viral infections or killed the viruses.

It is also proven that the combination of two supplements, a combination of vitamin C and Zinc, may reduce the symptoms of the common cold.

What is the proof that the vitamins and minerals help prevent you from Covid-19?

As we all know, the covid-19 is a new kind of illness that makes it the high possibility to take the supplements effectively. If the patient has a low level of blood vitamins, it is mostly a chance to get a positive report of covid-19. So it is recommended by the doctors to take a specific amount of vitamins and minerals to fight against the Covid-19. But it is also the fact that the overdose of these vitamins and minerals doesn’t benefit your body. It is suggested by the doctors or specialists to take vitamin C of 90mg/day for men and 75mg/day for women.

Some researchers have found that some people who take the supplements either in individual or combined form do not get improvements in the symptoms of their diseases, whereas some patients are considered the taking of supplements are beneficial.

From the above analysis, we can say that there is no convincing proof for saying that vitamins and minerals are beneficial for you.


This article provides details about the important vitamins and minerals that are considered helpful in preventing or treating covid-19 diseases. At the same time, there is no convincing evidence available to say whether supplements like vitamins and minerals are beneficial or not for the human body. But it is also proven that the overdose of vitamins and minerals badly affects the body of humans, so we are suggested to stay away from taking an overdose of such supplements.

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