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Bookstore Experience


Starting a book store can be hard and a little slow to grow in the beginning when services from MicroChilli’s outsourced bookkeeping services are not taken and your thought process is not advanced enough to adopt it. You should be smart enough to adopt new technologies to grow your business to new heights. One of the changes that you can do to your company is changing the ambience of the bookstore. This change in ambience can bring and attract a lot of new customers and even retain the existing customers. Having a unique customer experience will turn out to be better for your business.

1. Decorate The Entrance:

If there is a customer who came into your book store to buy a book, the first thing in the customer experience will be the entrance. If the entrance of the store is well decorated, it will make the customer get more attracted towards your store and will be tempted to come in the store or at least visit your store if he or she doesn’t want to shop. This scheme will help you grow your store too and people will talk about your store in the city.

2. Clean The Bookshelves Regularly:

Running a bookstore requires a lot of things to keep a check on and one of those things is the hygiene of the book store. If the bookshelves in the book store are dirty, they will repel the customers and people will not like to be near the book store. The bookshelves should be cleaned regularly and it should be made sure that every corner of the book store is clean.

3. Walls Should Be Painted Accordingly:

When you enter a bookstore, the first thing you will notice is how well the walls are painted and what kind of designs are made on the walls. These designs can be unique for your thought process. If you own a store and want to improve the customer experience, change the designs of the walls. You must add different kinds of wallpapers available in the market according to your will and liking.

4. Add Artefacts In The Store:

You should be aware of the fact that the happiness and good vibes that a customer gets depends on the attention to the details of the store. If small things are added or removed from the store, it would drastically change the ambience of the store and attract more and more customers. Different kinds of artefacts are available in the market can be bought and kept in your store so that people look at it, think and feel good about it.

5. Add Light Bulbs:

Lighting plays a very important role in the in-store business. If the lighting of the book store is good, the customer will feel better and be more clear about his or her book choice and what to buy and what not to buy. You should play around with the light colours to make the customer feel better.

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