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Demat Account?


In India, any investor owning securities like Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds must open a Demat Account to track asset ownership records electronically. Launched in 1996, they have greatly expanded the availability of securities ownership to a range of investors and offer a variety of features.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India requires everyone to open a Demat Account to trade in securities. It serves as a storehouse of information for all of the securities transactions. When you buy and sell Exchange-Traded Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds, the change in ownership gets recorded in your Demat Account. Here are other reasons:

Safe wallet

When you open a Demat Account online or through a broker, you get a safe wallet for storing securities electronically. Destress your mind about loss of physical certificates, theft, or fraudulent activities. They also eliminate the possibility of potential fake signatures on physical certificates.

Instant trade executions

With a Demat Account, securities transactions process instantly. They enable investors to convert their physical share certificates digitally or rematerialise their online securities into physical documents seamlessly.

Updated market information

Once you have a Demat Account, access helpful market information like live price charts and investment comparison tools on the broker’s website or app. They provide information on investments and some useful trading tips.

No minimum balance requirements

All your shares get credited and debited in a Demat Account. It does not have minimum balance requirements or trade executions for investors who occasionally wish to carry out a trade. You can freeze it for specific periods to limit the credit or debit flow. Besides, the broker also includes miscellaneous charges, although most account openings are accessible. Calculate and compare different schemes using the brokerage calculator.

It is an online tool used for calculating stamp duty charges, transaction fees, SEBI turnover fees, GST, and Securities Transaction tax.


While using the brokerage charges calculator, enter some variables to compute the trading cost, like the Stock’s purchase price, sale price, number of shares, state name for stamp duty, and lot size for Options Trading. It provides accurate and instant information, thus facilitating speedy and timely trading.


Be calculative when you open a Demat Account. Using Online Trading tools like calculators are beneficial for investors to compare the competitive commissions levied by brokers. They offer unlimited access while providing accurate results instantly, depending on the values entered. They account for all trading costs while allowing endless changes in values.


Opening Demat Accounts with DPs registered with central depositories in India like National Securities Depository Limited or Central Depository Services Limited are ideal. You can also reduce the charges by finding a brokerage firm offering competitive prices on their plans. Since there are many players in the market, research them to select the best one.

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