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Fundamental Analysis


A Stock is a unit of shares of a stock market listed company, you can also call it as Equity.  Every stock has a bid price that can fluctuate, depending on the different factors. Any company can sell its shares in the Stock Market to raise its capital and expand its business in different ways. 

As a beginner, one of the best ways to start your investing journey is to open a Demat account online and then research and do stock fundamental analysis. buy stocks from your trading account. An accessible medium to achieve all this is a brokerage firm, and you can start investing with just a single share.

For investing in the stock market, you need to understand the stock market and the types of securities present in the stock market. There are many brokerages that provide different types of services and have their own pros and cons.

Explain Stock Market

The  Stock Market is a central place where individuals can buy or sell companies’ stocks.. In India, you will find the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as popular stock exchanges. The Stock Market becomes stable with the rise of digital trading and the stocks perform well in these markets. A stable share market shows that a nation is in the development phase. It also provides the ability to access investment from the general public. Overall these show the growth of a country and its people.

If you are planning to invest in Shares, Mutual funds, or any other financial asset, then you must define your financial goal Making a goal can make your trading decision better. Every individual has a unique goal. Therefore, you must consider your investment plan at the starting stage of your investment phase.

You must be aware of one thing before investing in the Stock Market risk. There will be different risks that you can afford. And if you transfer shares without calculating the loss and ROI from your investments. This can put all your assets in a negative number.

As we understand the stock market now it’s time to know what is stock analysis and how to use it in our real-world trading. To investigate a particular company we need to look at the company sector and check its market and profit and loss of a particular company. The stock analysis helps traders to analyze the market and make their decision of buying or selling based on the analysis result.

There are several ways to do stock analysis some of the ratios which you need to consider are mentioned below:

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis for stock represents an evolution of a company with basic ratios. These fundamental ratios represent the current price of a company share and reflect the future price of the equity. Some of the fundamental ratios are as follows:

Price to earning (P/E):

The P/E ratio tells about the overall investor who is willing to pay for the earnings of a company. Higher the P/E ratio means the stock is overvalued or it means that the company is working pretty well. On the other hand, the lower P/E value means that the company’s position is not in a good state.

Earning per share (EPS):

The earning per share ratio tells about companies operating in the same industry which is compared to indicate the profitability of a company. Traders look for increasing EPS companies.  Higher EPs result in attracting more investors to buy these company shares.

Price to book ratio or P/B:

The P/B ratio is used to compare the market value of a company considering its book value. So to seek the value of a stock market placed on a company shares relates to the book value of a company.  If a company has good financial health then its book value will also be good and a perfect stock for future growth.

Return or Equity or ROE:

It is a measure for a company analysis to analyze how a company uses its asset to produce earnings. A high ROE implies that the company squeezes out greater profits with its assets. But that’s not the complete solution, it is advisable to invest in stocks which has a high ROE for the long-term investment.


In the stock market investing in the wrong stock is very risky. No one in the investment world wants to choose a poor stock. To avoid these we need to do a stock analysis of a company. We can also relate our investment to reports, news, and event that can cause a change in the stock market.  For better trading, you need to have a plan and execute each step of trade carefully.

As an investor or trader, you need to be aware of online trading. As you know the Demat account definition and why it is mandatory to open a Demat account? You must also keep yourself up-to-date with the market activity.  If you want to grow your investment and make your investment less risky than diversifying profit 

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