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Why Fire Doors


Fire doors are essential to the safety of any building with fire hazards. You will often see them in hotels, offices or other buildings that pose a high risk of fire. They can be automatic or manual and are installed to close automatically if there is a fire. This helps keep the fire contained to one area of the building and limits the damage it can cause.

Fitting fire doors with hinges that need servicing on a regular basis is an important detail when putting together your fire exit strategy. Fire hinged doors have an automatic closing mechanism which means they shut automatically in case of an emergency. To make sure this happens at all times, you need to service these hinges on a routine basis so that they continue to function as expected. Read on to understand why and how you can achieve this with your fire exit plan in place accordingly.

Why Fire Doors Hinges Need to Be Serviced Regularly?

Fire hinged doors are very important in terms of fire exit plans where it is crucial that the door closes automatically. These hinges may be damaged or broken and therefore not working properly. In these cases, a thorough inspection is required to diagnose the issue and find an appropriate solution.

The hinge may also be worn out and need to be replaced with a new one. Again, this is something that you should be able to diagnose with a thorough inspection.

Any defects, malfunctions or other issues that may cause your fire doors to malfunction, break or stop working altogether must be disclosed right away and resolved immediately.

If the hinge on your fire door is not working properly, it can cause significant problems, including:

– The door will not close automatically in the event of a fire

– It could also cause injury to any people who may be in the way as it slams shut.

– Fire doors with faulty hinges will not close properly and if they do, they can cause significant damage to the door because they are designed to close very quickly as a last resort. This can make a huge mess, create noise and be extremely inconvenient.

– Such doors can be stuck in an open position, which could be even more dangerous in an emergency situation.

Dust, dirt, grime and other materials can also build up on the hinge, which may cause problems. Therefore, it is important to clean the hinge regularly to avoid any issues.

The Importance of Having a Fire Door Check-Up Plan in Place

A regular fire door check-up plan will help you to maintain the doors and keep them in good working order. It is important so that you can keep the risk of a fire in your building as low as possible. You will also be able to avoid the damage caused by broken or faulty doors.

It is recommended that the fire door check-up plan be conducted by professionals, on a regular schedule according to your property’s traffic and purpose. During a fire door inspection, the intention is to identify any potential problems and to take the necessary measures to avoid them from becoming serious issues.

Capital Fire Doors offer both regular maintenance and inspection services, to ensure your fire doors are well cared for and to make sure that everything is working properly.


Your fire door hinges are an essential mechanism in the operation of your fire doors, and therefore a crucial factor in your fire plan. Fire doors can be lifesaving in their damage limitation capabilities, however, this is only possible if they are working effectively. The best way to ensure your fire door hinges are functioning correctly is to regularly inspect your fire doors and carry out required maintenance, which is best executed by a reputable professional.

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