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If you are thinking about whether to negotiate or not with IRS regarding the tax concerns, it is important to know some important things before proceeding. Keep in your mind that negotiation is a two-way process. In most cases, IRS agrees to negotiate, if you are willing to accept their offer.

Nevertheless, it can be to your best advantage to work with a tax lawyer to support you during your negotiations. A tax lawyer has a lot of experience working with the IRS. Tax lawyers know how to bargain on your side to guarantee that you and the IRS, both are satisfied. There are two ways to approach IRS for negotiations.

During your first meeting, IRS will let you know about their demands, and you must decide whether you wanted to negotiate or not. If IRS has made an offer already, before this meeting, they may allow you to negotiate. For negotiating with the IRS, take the help of a professional always to save your time.

The 2nd option for you is, negotiations can take place after you filed your taxes and have been issued an IRS bill. Here, you will have two options and they are hiring an attorney or negotiating. By hiring a tax lawyer, you can make your case much stronger. If you want to negotiate with IRS on your own, you can go ahead and do it. Even though you can negotiate with the IRS team directly for a tax settlement, having an experienced professional on your side can make a big difference in your settlement amount.

Make sure that necessary tax returns are submitted, once you have decided to negotiate with the IRS. Start by reading the 656 Form and gather the necessary documents, which are required to answer their questions. They demand proof of your income, available credit, credit card debt, investments, etc. The IRS nearly always agrees to negotiate with a tax lawyer, particularly if they are a reputable and well-known tax lawyer.

Ensure that you hire only trustworthy professionals to help you in this regard. Otherwise, your money would go waste on useless services.

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