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HRA Exemption


House Rent Allowance, commonly known as HRA, is amongst the most important taxable components that may be found on the pay stub of a salaried employee. It is the sum of money that is given by an employer to an employee so that the employee can cover the expense of living in leased housing. 

Both the management of the costs associated with renting a property and the reduction of overall tax liability may be facilitated with the assistance of HRA. In addition to inflation, the growing cost of living can be partially attributable, in the majority of Indian cities, to the growth in the amount of discretionary income. As a result of this, many businesses provide their workers who reside in leased houses with a House Rent Allowance, often known as an HRA. This is done in order to protect the well-being of their workforce. A taxable and non-taxable portion of the HRA that was received may be determined with the assistance of an HRA deduction calculator. 

The House Rent Allowance (also known as HRA) is a key part of your income that is used to define the total amount earned from your employer for your accommodation costs (i.e., rent).

The HRA calculation, which can be performed using an HRA calculator, could be helpful to you because it is used to determine tax deductions for a specific fiscal year. The taxable income, the portion of your income that must be paid to the government, might be reduced with the help of the HRA. Only professionals who live in leased housing are eligible to get the tax benefits that come with HRA. These employees cannot live in their own homes. If you live in your own home, you won’t be able to take advantage of some tax breaks because of this. 

The Formula for the HRA Deduction Calculation 

Rule 2A of the income tax governs how the HRA exemption is computed. As per this, the percentage of an employee’s income that is not subject to taxation and is exempt from being deducted from their wage in accordance with Section 10(13A) is the smallest amount of the following: 

The employees’ actual HRA deduction, as provided by their company. 

The basic wage and the daily allowance are added together to determine the amount of HRA an employee in a metropolitan city receives. It is forty percent of the total amount of the employee’s base wage as well as their DA for non-metro city workers. 

The actual rent that is relevant minus ten percent of the base pay and additional compensation. 

Please remember that the HRA exemption you qualify for only applies to the lowest possible amount from each of these provisions.

Rent that is paid to members of the family 

Even rent paid to family members is eligible for an HRA deduction in some circumstances. This indicates that even if you reside with your parents, you may still be eligible to claim HRA exemption so long as you can present documentation of renting transactions. 

The same HRA exemption criteria will apply to your situation as long as there is a rental contract, bank transaction documentation, rent receipts, and so on, proving that money was given to your parents. However, if you own the property, you are not eligible to get this advantage. Additionally, you are not permitted to claim HRA exemption on a home that is held by your spouse.

Calculate your HRA deduction in these 5 steps-

1. First, load up the calculator’s main page. 

2. In the spaces provided, enter the amount of your basic pay, the amount of your dearness allowance earnings, the amount of your HRA, and the total cost of your rent. 

3. Next, determine whether or not you live in a metropolitan area by selecting “metro” or “non-metro” from the drop-down menu. 

4. To ensure that there are no mistakes, double-check all of the information that you have already input. 

5. Click on “calculate.”


In this manner, you will be able to calculate your HRA deduction and know the exact amount. When you are working professionally it is important to know all your deductibles and how you can claim the taxes for them. Similarly, HRA deductions are also important and HRA calculators are there to assist you.

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