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If you have been arrested for DUI, it is important to act quickly. A solid criminal defense strategy can help you avoid jail time and fines.

Addis Greenberg, LLC, helps clients navigate the criminal legal system. Its attorneys defend individuals in DUI cases and handle appeals and expungement requests. The firm also handles civil matters, such as family law and personal injury.


An attorney who understands DUI laws and how they apply to your case can help you avoid a conviction. A good DUI attorney can also scour the evidence to find mistakes that could undermine prosecutors’ case. This can include mishandling of a breathalyzer test or improper collection of blood samples. These errors can lead to dismissal of charges, reduced penalties, or even acquittal.

A conviction for driving under the influence can impact your reputation, career, and family. A conviction may result in fines, jail time, mandatory counseling, and loss of driving privileges. In addition, a criminal record can make it difficult to secure employment and pose a barrier to renting an apartment or buying a house.

Shyama S. Parikh, PC, defends clients accused of DUI and other crimes in Waukegan, IL. She also handles family law cases, such as divorce and child-related issues. The firm’s founder is an experienced lawyer and speaks Hindi, Spanish, and Gujarati.


A DUI conviction can ruin your life, including fines and revocation of your licenses. It can also damage your reputation and lead to jail time, even if it’s your first offense. The penalties are so serious that you should never attempt to handle a DUI case on your own.

When choosing a Waukegan DUI Defense Lawyer, look for an attorney who has extensive experience in handling DUI cases. He or she should have extensive knowledge of DUI laws and evidence collection, particularly blood alcohol level tests. The law enforcement officers and lab technicians who perform these tests are bound by strict rules. An attorney with a strong understanding of these rules can scour the evidence to identify errors that may help you win your case.

Matt Hoffman defends drivers facing misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. He uses his previous experience as a prosecutor to anticipate how the state will present its case and concentrates on preparing effective defenses. He also handles other criminal law cases, such as fraud, disorderly conduct, assault and battery, burglary, weapon offenses, and trespassing.


Getting a DUI conviction can significantly alter your life, even if it’s only a misdemeanor. Depending on your state’s laws, you may lose your driving privileges for a long period of time and face serious fines.

A good Waukegan DUI Defense Lawyer can help you avoid this by building a strong criminal defense. He or she should be familiar with the law and how prosecutors will approach your case. They should also have a track record of successfully defending clients against DUI charges.

For example, police officers must abide by strict rules when conducting DUI checkpoints. If a lawyer can prove that the officer lacked probable cause or made errors during field sobriety tests or sample analysis, he or she could have your charges dropped. This could save you from having to pay hefty fines or serve jail time.


If you’re facing a DUI charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to defend your rights. A good Waukegan DUI defense attorney will be able to understand the nuances of local and state DUI laws and use them to build an aggressive legal case for you. Having a strong criminal defense strategy for your DUI charges will help you avoid spending time in jail or paying huge fines.

The Jordan Law Firm defends clients who are arrested for DUI and DWAI in the Waukegan area. Their lawyers have extensive experience in drunk driving cases, and they are dedicated to providing their clients with knowledgeable legal representation. The firm’s attorneys take a comprehensive approach to each case, and they will carefully examine your case history and other factors in order to develop an effective strategy. They will also ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the judicial process. They will do everything they can to get your DUI charges dismissed or reduced.

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