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Every person who faces theft charges needs a skilled Theft Attorney to build a strong defense. If a person is convicted of theft, they may face a jail sentence and heavy fines.

A good criminal defense attorney understands that people can have a moment of lapse in judgment. A good lawyer can exploit this weakness and create reasonable doubt to get the case dismissed.

Defending Against Theft Charges

Any theft charge carries serious consequences including the possibility of prison time and heavy fines. A skilled criminal defense lawyer takes the time to understand all aspects of a case and construct a strong defense strategy. They can also examine whether the prosecution complied with statute of limitations requirements or any other applicable legal standards.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding an allegation of theft, several common defenses may be available to you. For example, a lack of intent is a viable defense if it can be demonstrated that you didn’t intend to steal something or that you believed you had permission to take the property in question. Other common defenses include duress and entrapment. For example, if you are accused of shoplifting, your attorney could argue that you were enticed to do so by an undercover law enforcement officer. You might also have a strong argument based on necessity if you were forced to take the property to avoid harming yourself or others.

Defending Against Robbery Charges

Robbery is a serious crime and it can have a significant impact on your life. Having a robbery conviction on your record can make it difficult to find employment, obtain a mortgage or other housing and could have a negative impact on relationships with family members and friends.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can develop a strong robbery defense strategy that can help you avoid the penalties of this serious offense which include incarceration and fines. A defense attorney can work to provide you with an alibi, challenge the alleged evidence or facts as well as challenging police and investigative conduct in your case.

If someone pushed you to commit a robbery that you wouldn’t have committed otherwise, then you might be able to use an entrapment defense. However, this is a complicated defense that must be considered on a case by case basis. An attorney can also argue that you weren’t armed during the robbery or that the gun that was displayed was not actually a weapon.

Defending Against Shoplifting Charges

Theft accusations can damage a person’s reputation and even make them less likely to get a job. That is why it is important to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney that deals with theft-related cases, especially when facing shoplifting charges.

A common shoplifting defense strategy is to argue that you did not have the intent to steal. In order to be convicted of larceny, prosecutors must prove that the defendant intended to deprive the store of property. A good attorney can find evidence that you did not intend to take the item and use this in court.

An experienced attorney will look for cameras in the store where the incident occurred and request the footage. They will also interview witnesses to put doubt on their testimony. This is often effective and may lead to the charge being dropped. It can also be used to convince a prosecutor to offer a plea bargain, which involves pleading guilty or no contest to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduction in penalties.

Defending Against Auto Theft Charges

A person facing an auto theft charge, also known as grand theft auto, should seek help immediately. These charges are serious and a conviction will carry significant ramifications such as a criminal record, severe fines and possibly prison time.

A skilled theft attorney could provide assistance in this matter. They will work to protect a client’s rights and fight to have these charges dropped or reduced.

There are several possible defenses to these charges, including lack of intent, honestly believing that the property owner gave consent to take the item and duress. If a criminal lawyer can show that the valuation of the item was wrong, this is another possible defense to theft charges.

A felony conviction will negatively impact future employment opportunities and may interfere with a person’s ability to obtain loans. This will further impact a person’s financial situation and the relationships that they have with family members, friends and colleagues. It is critical to hire an experienced lawyer to defend against any auto theft charge.

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