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Do you struggle to manage your finances? To be honest, if you feel confident about how you handle your income and your money in general, you’re in the minority!

Most people feel very uncomfortable and very uncertain when it comes to managing their income. For this reason, many individuals benefit from the use of free tools, such as those provided by Ubiquity, that allow them to see how their finances will be impacted by small changes.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about your finances or just want to learn more about the online tools available to help you in this area, read on!

The Current Era of Retirement Planning

Many people in today’s workforce feel a general sense of uncertainty about the future. The news cycles constantly make us worry that there may be no reason to save for the future, as there will be so many different issues affecting us anyway!

But it’s important to remember that no one can predict the future in any reliable way. For this reason, it makes sense to prepare in any way that you can.

One of the best preparatory measures for the future is to create and fund a solid retirement plan. 401k plans may seem like an unnecessary use of money from your paycheck (especially when you’re just starting out and not making as much as you would like). However, putting a small amount of money aside each month to better secure your retirement will help you so much in the future.

The Paycheck Calculator Tool from Ubiquity

Ubiquity wants to help make it easy for everyone to plan for retirement. For this reason, they have created a host of tools to help all interested parties feel more confident about their financial future.

Specifically, one such tool is the paycheck calculator. The paycheck calculator allows the user to compare the percentage of income currently being invested in a retirement fund with a higher percentage. Amazingly, with only increasing this percentage slightly, the user can expect to enjoy massive benefit with regard to their retirement plan.

Don’t Wait to Start Retirement Planning

It’s completely understandable that you might be thinking: “retirement is so far away for me, why do I need to worry about it now?” This is how many people view retirement planning, especially when they are young.

Unfortunately, time moves quickly. Once you’ve reached retirement age, there is no turning back. Whatever decisions you made in your 20’s and 30’s are permanent.

Therefore, the importance of creating a solid foundation as early as possible cannot be overstated. Those who invest more money in their retirement plan now will only notice a small effect on their weekly paychecks, but a massive improvement in their retirement fund over the years.

If you are wondering whether or not it’s worth it to invest more money in your 401k, try out Ubiquity’s paycheck calculator tool today. It’s free, easy to use, and will demonstrate just how much you’ll benefit by investing a little bit more money now in your future. Don’t wait, get started today!

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