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Avoid a DUI Conviction


A DUI conviction is a serious crime with serious consequences. A skilled Oakland DUI lawyer can help mitigate these consequences.

The right DUI lawyer can investigate flaws in chemical blood alcohol tests, challenge the legality of your arrest, and hire experts to testify on your behalf. He or she can also negotiate a plea bargain that results in reduced jail time and reduced fines.

1. Representation in Court

An experienced criminal defense attorney will fight the DUI charges against you and may be able to get them reduced or dismissed. Oakland DUI lawyers will help you avoid a conviction, suspension of your license and other consequences such as fines, higher insurance rates, and jail time.

Your DUI lawyer can challenge the evidence that leads to your arrest including how the officer made the traffic stop, whether they had probable cause, and the accuracy of field sobriety tests and BAC test results. Your criminal defense attorney will also be familiar with all the legal representations available for your case.

The attorneys at Summit Defense are experienced in all DUI related cases and have the education, training, and knowledge necessary to defend you against your criminal charge. Contact us today for a free consultation. We only handle DUI cases so you can be confident your case will receive the attention it deserves. Call us now to learn more about how our attorneys can help you fight your Oakland DUI charges.

2. Expungement of Your Record

If you have been arrested for DUI and the case was dismissed, acquitted or otherwise resolved without conviction you may be eligible to have the records expunged. This can make a huge difference in finding employment and housing. It also allows you to answer “no” if asked about criminal arrests or convictions on a background check.

The process varies by state and there are generally specific application forms or petitions that must be submitted to the court where the case was prosecuted. Some states allow you to submit the request through an online system, while others require manual submission of the paperwork.

It is also important to note that expungement only clears your record with those agencies who keep official, public records like court systems and law enforcement agencies. Private databases, social media and other websites still might have the information if you are not careful. It is a good idea to talk to our Oakland DUI lawyer about your case to see what the options are for expungement.

3. Representation in the Administrative Hearings

An arrest for DUI triggers two separate cases, one is a criminal case prosecuted by a District Attorney in an Alameda County Superior Court and the other is an administrative hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Safety Office. An individual only has ten days to request an administrative hearing otherwise their California driver’s license will automatically be suspended.

A skilled Oakland DUI lawyer can help you schedule this hearing and will provide advice, guidance, and representation throughout the process. Your attorney can challenge the DMV’s action against your driving privileges based on evidence and legal arguments from the underlying facts of your case.

A DUI is a serious offense and can have significant consequences for your life. An experienced DUI lawyer can use a variety of defense strategies to reduce the impact on your life and career. You may even have a chance to have the DUI charges dismissed. Contact the firm for a free consultation today.

4. Representation in the Trial

A DUI conviction carries with it serious legal and life consequences. A qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer can help minimize or avoid these penalties.

If you have been charged with a DUI, your Oakland DUI lawyer may be able to find flaws in the chemical blood alcohol test, challenge the legality of the traffic stop, or obtain video footage of the entire interaction between police and you. In addition, a skilled attorney will review the chain of custody for the breath or blood sample or field sobriety tests to make sure that it has not been tampered with in any way.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Oakland, the first thing you need to do is contact your criminal defense attorney immediately. He or she can request an APS hearing (the license suspension phase of the case) on your behalf within ten days of your arrest. This is a crucial opportunity to fight for your rights and avoid losing your driver’s license.

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