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Travelling to Spain by insurance


Home to multiple world heritage sites and many beaches, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the EU. There are many reasons why you should not miss visiting Spain till your Schengen visa is valid. We bet you won’t regret your decision. However, remember that having travel insurance from a reputed company such as Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is a mandate for visiting Spain.

If you’re not sure if Spain should be your next stop, here are five main reasons why it should be.

There is a lot to explore

Spain would leave you speechless. This is one of the most Instagrammable places in the world because it has a little bit of everything.

Whether you visit Barcelona, Madrid, Ronda, Bilbao, Austria or any other place in Spain, interesting architectural marvels will mesmerize you. Nature in Spain is different from anything else you’ve seen in Europe. From natural parks with 15 small lakes to beaches highlighting natural arches and caves during a low tide, natural beauty in Spain can leave you spellbound.

Spain has something for everyone. From a party animal who can enjoy the nightlife in cities to someone more comfortable with a quiet, peaceful life in the villages amidst mountains and rivers, all tourists will love what the country offers. With many museums and theatres or even people dodging bulls, the country is unique in its offering.

There are festivals all year.

If you go to Spain at any time of the year, you can always go to at least one festival. The Spanish love to celebrate, have parties, dance, and even dress up in costumes. As a tourist, you can easily attend any of the festivals like La Tomatina, battle of wines, carnival of Cadiz etc., and become part of an unforgettable experience.

As you plan your exciting itinerary, do remember that you require active Schengen travel insurance to visit Spain.

Friendly people

People in other parts of Western Europe can be a bit colder, but people in Spain are very friendly and open to visitors. People on the streets of Spain are more than willing to help. Hand gestures and a few words mumbled in Spanish can help you get around easily.

Spain has great food that you can only try there.

You’re not really travelling if you don’t try the food of the place you’re visiting. Food is a big part of every trip, and if you want to have a good time, you should try the most famous dishes of each country you visit.

Spain is known for having the oldest restaurant in the world, which is still open today. Also, many of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” are in Spain, and many well-known chefs come from that country. Many signature local dishes should be part of your must-try list in Spain.

Experimenting with food can often lead to medical problems like food poisoning, do look for international travel insurance online to have yourself covered.

Die Hard Football Fans

Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the best football teams in Europe, both play in Spain. Every year, thousands of football fans come to Spain to watch these teams play. If you are in Spain when a Champions League or Copa Del Rey game is about to start, you will see crowds of football fans singing and shouting or even partying after a game.

To conclude, Travelling to Spain would definitely become an unforgettable memory, we bet. Just be prepared for the uncertainty with a good insurance coverage from a reliable company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance and be set to have an awesome time.

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