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Hiring a lawyer is essential for managing any legal case. However, once you have hired an attorney, it is not mandatory to continue with him till the end of the trial. You can fire him and hire someone else as well if you do not find the former lawyer’s services satisfactory.

The firing process should not rely on whimsies for sure. You need to be more reasonable and justified while firing your lawyer. One should be careful about appointing a lawyer in the first place to avoid any future troubles. Even after careful hiring, you might face issues with the lawyer. Read on to know what to do if your lawyer is not helping you.

After all, what is the purpose of hiring a lawyer if you don’t get satisfactory services? The followings are the reasons for which you can fire your lawyer.

Not Answering Your Calls

Communication is the key factor for any lawyer-client relationship. If your lawyer is not receiving your calls or answering back, it’s time to reconsider. When you hire a lawyer, make sure to talk to them about these issues.

However, at the time of hiring all lawyers would assure you of uninterrupted communication. After hiring, if the lawyer fails to live up to his promises, you have every right to terminate your contract with them.

You have to keep one thing in mind, that your lawyer may be a busy one. Lawyers often travel or cases and remain busy in courtroom trials. In that case, your lawyer might fail to pick up your call, but will surely call you back when free. If you are not getting the callbacks as well, continuing with them would only mean risking your case’s merit.

The Attorney Is Unprepared 

Another reason for terminating the contract with your attorney could be his unpreparedness. When you have hired a lawyer for a case, you would expect them to be well prepared before presenting the case in court. Proper and adequate background work is a must for any good lawyer to win a case.

If you think that your lawyer is fumbling during the trial and losing points now and then, you can switch to other alternatives. There is no doubt that you have hired a lawyer to win the case. For that, the lawyer needs to be well prepared with all the details of the case.

Even the strongest case might not stand in the face of courtroom combat if the lawyer fails to present it appropriately. Therefore, end your contract with your lawyer if you find them unorganized or unprepared for your case.

Every legal case is different from the other. Even two accident cases are never the same. Therefore, before you hire a lawyer for your case, make sure to gauge his merit for it. The number of cases dealt with and won can give you a fair idea of the lawyer’s competency.

The best would be to pick the one who has dealt with cases of different types. Diversity always renders the lawyers introspect and experience.

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